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Non-Profit Youth Training Program & Prop House


Hollywood CPR rescues store fixtures

Donations save money and help inner-city youths

Eddie Bauer has found a way to breathe new life into old store fixtures by participating in a non-profit youth training program in Los Angeles, Calif.

"We saw this as a chance for Eddie Bauer to recycle unwanted fixtures and avoid disposal costs while supporting a worthy effort to train inner-city youths" , explains Barbara Sly, Operations Coordinator, Real Estate. 

Hollywood Cinema Production Resources, or Hollywood CPR, operates a program that trains disadvantaged and at-risk youths in prop making, set designing, computer design, and business skills. The group's goal is to prepare students for jobs in film and other industries that use mock-ups, models, and promotional exhibits.

When the R-348 West Covina (Calif.) store closed in January, stores within the district claimed fixtures they needed, and excess store fixtures were donated to Hollywood CPR. The items then were refurbished and rented to the film and television industry.

Hollywood CPR moved 12 convertible tables and several other fixture items to R-56 South Bay Galleria (Calif.). They then took South Bay's old three-tier tables to use in their educational prop house program. By working with this nonprofit group, Eddie Bauer saved approximately $3,000 in shipping and disposal costs.

"Eddie Bauer is generating revenue to allow our program to succeed," says Laura Peterson, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Hollywood CPR. "The fixtures we receive are rented by the film industry to use in films and television, and revenue generated supports training and major components of what we do."

Youths who participate in Hollywood CPR's training program learn trade skills related to the film and television industry. In working with Eddie Bauer to move the fixtures, they were able to see full-circle the objective of Hollywood CPR's recycling program, because the fixtures will now be rented to the entertainment industry, generating income to support the training program.

"We continue to work with Hollywood CPR to identify stores that can provide surplus fixtures, " Barbara says. "With the remodel of stores, opportunities are there for Eddie Bauer to donate and support Hollywood CPR's training program."

The Hollywood CPR website recently highlighted Eddie Bauer on its home page at as a featured sponsor, and invites visitors to go to

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