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Training Program

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Hollywood Cinema Production Resources' Training Program provides industry-specific training in marketable trade skills to under-served students in what is expected of an entry-level person in the art, crafts and technicians departments of film and television. Hollywood CPR's training provides qualified students a unique opportunity to learn these specialized craft and trade skills from the industry professionals who are masters in their trade.
The classes offered cover a broad spectrum of the entertainment industry's art department and stage crafts needs, focusing on the most important and common skill applications expected of an entry-level worker. Hollywood CPR's training program also incorporates broad-based life skills coaching and support that focus on the myriad of social skills necessary for success in gaining and keeping employment. Students earn college credit (through a collaboration with West Los Angeles College).


The After School Track is intended to allow young people ages fifteen to eighteen to experience various aspects of the crafts of the entertainment industry. Each session begins with a hands-on orientation to all aspects of the crafts and its application to the entertainment industry. Students then spend time with different instructors and have opportunities to learn and discover their areas of interest through fun and creative projects. The after school program helps youth develop passion for the arts, opens the door to the possible careers in the industry, and provides students with the skills required to perform them. Students gain a foundation and learn the basics of art and technical aspects of film as applied to various areas of the entertainment industry crafts. After completion of this course, students will have an understanding of what kind of work is required for each type of craft. Having a strong foundation gives students depth of knowledge and the experience to be flexible for various career opportunities, and insight into the types of crafts, which are the most rewarding for them.



The Career Track is a specifically focused training program offering a first-of-its-kind opportunity for students to study with industry professionals in one of the following areas:

Career Training Opportunities and Affiliated Unions
Stagecraft (Local 33)
Upholstery/Drapery (Local 44)
Set Dressing/Decoration (Local 44)
Greens (Local 44)
Grip/Craftservice (Local 80)
Cinematography / Camera Loader (Local 600)
Sound (Local 695)
Apprentice Editor (Local 700)
Costume Manufacturing (Local 705)
Set Lighting (Local 728)
Set Painting (Local 729)
Scenic and Graphic Arts (Local 800)


Class Descriptions

The program begins with an introduction course which offers students an opportunity to learn about all crafts. The introduction course is a pre-requisite and mandatory if students are interested in the crafts and technicians skills training program.
This course provides a broad overview of the variety of opportunities available in the motion picture and television production industry's specialized trades sectors such as stagecraft, set dressing, carpentry/fabricating, grip, editing cinematography/camera, costume manufacturing, make-up, studio electrical lighting, set painting, and scenic artists. It allows the teachers and students alike to determine if a career in this field is something the student is passionate about pursing. The course also includes life skills and computer skills related to the industry.


In this class students primarily learn camera loading and digital utility -- the entry level positions of camera, however the class encompasses techniques in how to operate the current types of cameras used in creating television shows and motion pictures. They begin by learning all of the rudimentary elements of cinematography like various camera types, lenses, filters, and film speeds. As they progress they learn about the importance of lighting, camera angles and film processing. The class culminates with a hands-on exercise that allows them to put into practice all of the skills they've acquired. THIS CLASS REQUIRES OUTSTANDING MATH, WRITING AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS.


Costumes add a certain authenticity to any film. This entry-level costume class teaches students the fundamentals of costume manufacturing. Students learn how to take designs and create the real thing with sewing skills and other techniques they've acquired. They also are schooled in the countless fabrics and textures utilized by the professionals.


Students in this class learn what it takes to become a grip on the set of a television show or motion picture. They learn how to safely work with and build platforms to support stages, do non-electrical lighting, rigging systems, fall protection, lifts hanging green beds, and assemble the tracks for dollies that allow for the effortless transport of a camera to acquire a necessary shot. And much more. Grips are "the muscle behind the scenes that make possible the ability to create movies in any type of condition or terrain". Must not be afraid of heights and be able to lift 50lbs or more.

Set Dresser/Decoration

While the Set Decorator is a specific craft distinction the Set Decoration staff includes the Lead Person and Set Dressers, who are all Property personnel. Once the physical walls of the set are constructed or the location has been chosen, the Set Decorator's crew is responsible for bringing in the surroundings and objects known as "set dressing" -- furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures and the like -- which contribute to telling the story and support the vision of the Production Designer, Writer, Director and Producer. The Lead Person and Set Dressers in turn support the vision of the Set Decorator. This class teaches the entry-level skill requirements for set dressing including identification and location of all prop houses and companies supplying the products necessary to decorate the sets, correct and safe measures for loading and unloading trucks, packing and unpacking small items and proper moving of large items. Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.


These talented Property craftspersons handle all upholstery and drapery requirements for production needs as well as for studio facility work. In production, Upholsterer/Drapers will be called upon to create anything from 19th Century lace curtains to modern Venetian blinds, to reupholstering an antique couch with period fabric or repairing tuck-and-roll Naugahyde car seats. The work often extends beyond the traditional definition if special items are needed. Department members will go from working on a production shoot one day to upholstering a chair in an executive's office the next. This class teaches the entry level skills needed to assemble hardware and materials for window dressings to specifications of Set Decorator, install, strike and store all draperies and drapery effects, measure material in bulk or bolt to completed product, plus some sewing including learning to measure, cut, prepare, sew, embroider, applique, construct, handle and repair all draperies and drapery effects.

Stage Craft

Local 33 Stage Craft are technicians who put up sets and lighting for various stage productions, theater and television. The class will introduce you to basic grip, set lighting, and set construction for game shows, soap operas, concerts and theater productions. Must not be afraid of heights and be able to lift 50lbs or more.


Set Lighting

Students are introduced to the craft of studio electrical lighting: how to safely and correctly handle and operate lighting instruments, stands, mounting equipment, and power distribution systems and the basics of optical physics, lighting design, crew dynamics, film/TV production, set protocol, workplace safety and some special effects.

Must not be afraid of heights and be able to lift 50lbs or more.


Greens crews, led by the knowledgeable Greens Foreman, dress the production sets with appropriate plants, whether real or synthetic. Real plants may include anything from a 100-acre field to a delicate African Violet. Sometimes Greens are used to subtly enhance the look of the show: potted flowers on a table, or a rose bush in front of a location home. Other times, as with -themed shows,like lord of the rings or jeracick park Greens become one of the most important and pervasive facets of the show.

Skilled Greens members work with a variety of real and artificial plants. The real plants can pose a challenge when Greens crews are working with several different kinds of plants under lights all of which require different methods of maintenance and techniques . Students in this class will learn all aspects what it takes to begin as a greens person.

Set Painting

Students learn how to prepare surfaces such as wood, metals, and plastics for acceptance of various paints, as well as tools used in the preparation process, preparation materials, such as Spackle and Bondo, types of paints, safe handling, use, and storage of materials, weather and other environmental concerns, the steps of paint preparations, such as Prepping, Priming, Sub-Finishing, Finishing, and Clear Finishes (Sealers). Learning these skills from Masters in set painting, the students leave the program with confidence and knowledge on how to utilize these things to create just the right look for the career.


Training is geared toward the position of Utility Sound Technician. This person assists the Production Sound Mixer and the Microphone Boom Operator with tasks including operation of an additional fishpole when needed, assisting with placement of microphone "plants" and actors' radio microphones, assisting with on-set wireless communications and other tasks.

The Unions

Hollywood CPR, in a unique arrangement, works with the following unions in recruiting professionals to teach our classes and worked together to create the Hollywood CPR curriculum:

This project was funded in part by a grant awarded under the President’s Community-Based Job Training Grants, as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment & Training Administration.

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